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      Martingale Collars

      Martingale Collars
      Martingale Dog Collars are a special type of dog collar that helps a dog stay comfortable while being completely secure on their leash.

      How it Works:
      A martingale collar is fitted to the exact size of the dog's neck when the collar is in the closed position. Properly fitted, the collar will be comfortably loose when not in use. When the martingale loop is pulled, the collar should be very snug, but should not constrict the airway.

      Advantages of Martingale Collars over standard collars:
      The problem with standard buckle collars is that for the collar to be tight enough that it can't slip over the ears when pulled forward by a dog backing up, it must be uncomfortably tight all the time. The martingale collar allows the dog to wear a comfortably loose collar that is only tight when it needs to be tight.

      Types of dogs that benefit from wearing martingale collars:
      Almost all canine breeds can benefit from a martingale collar. Martingale collars were originally designed for greyhounds and whippets- because of their thin face and small ears standard buckle collars slip off easily. All breeds with necks larger than their heads (bulldogs, some labrador retrivers) should wear a martingale when on a leash. Dogs of any breed can learn how to slip a collar though, and owners and trainers of every size and type of dog appreciate the gentle correction of a martingale over more harsh training collars like choke collars and prong collars.

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