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      Bark Fifth Avenue

      Bark Fifth Avenue
      There are dogs and then there are jet-setting dogs. Bark Fifth Avenue is one of the purveyors of all things high-end canine. We have a fabulous line of fashionable accessories dedicated to jet-setting dogs. Bark Fifth Ave is a must shopping experience for the dog with an elite and sophisticated taste in fashion. We sell exclusive designer dog clothing and high-end accessories. We started with a strong passion for fashion and of course, passion for dogs! Walking runways and dressing up animals is something owner Atlanta fashion model Ashley Harris has been doing since childhood. “I love fashion and I love Chihuahuas, so why not have the best of both worlds?" Thus, Bark Fifth Ave was created. We provide best in fashion, travel, and accessories. Whether it’s that extra special outfit for a dressy occasion or an every-day polo, Bark Fifth Ave has it.

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