Pink Doggles ILS Dog Sunglasses
Pink Doggles ILS Dog SunglassesPink Doggles ILS Dog SunglassesPink Doggles ILS Dog Sunglasses

Pink Doggles ILS Dog Sunglasses

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Pink Doggles ILS Dog Sunglasses with Pink Lens are super chic and protective for your yuppy puppy! Doggles dog goggles are designed to protect dog's eyes from the sun's harmful rays, flying debris, wind, rocks, or bugs. Your dog can't tell you his eyes hurt, so be proactive and help your dog help its own eyes.

* The lenses are 100% UV protection, shatterproof, anti-fog and are interchangeable, so you can change color for the time of the day or situation.
* The frames are made of rubber and are super flexible.
* The deep lens cup keeps the lens away from the eye, preventing potentially dangerous rubbing or hitting of the eye.

Interesting fact: Doggles sunglasses are worn by working dogs all over the world such as K9 Units, Border Patrol dogs, and Search & Rescue dogs.

My Lily Peach (5 lb Maltese) is modeling size XS Doggles, cute!

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