Check to see your dog's food analysis.  Your most sincere admirer is waiting.
Information on over 150 breedsKnow what is poisonous & toxic for your dog.
FINE ART BY RACHAEL ROSSMAN, dog art, pet art, pet paintings, dog painting, oregon artist, oregon portraits, rachael rossman,
Professor's House Pet Information
Find Northwest pet-friendly hotels, dog-daycare, dog-training, dog-parks, animal ER, etc...Nationwide support for lost and found pets.
Pet Friendly Hotels
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Worldwide Travel Guide for Pet Owners
The Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Dogs and Their CompanionsFor Pet Health
A Sharing Community for Dogs
dog breed resources, pet health, pet resources, adopt a pet
Celebrating Life With Dogs On The West Coast
The Elite Pet Havens
The Elite Pet Havens are custom designed state-of-the-art health and luxury havens for your favorite pet. The havens are virtual interactive outdoor environments for your pet inside your own home. Options include temperature, scent and taste, touch controls and virtual play with the real pet. You can also get your petís exercise program monitored by experts remotely. A custom designed Elite Pet Haven could cost between $50,000 and $200,000.
The World's Most Expensive Dog Kennel reaches $400,000.
The owner really has thought of everything by planning to include self-clean bowls for this pampered pair. When the dogs fancy a few tunes, or want to watch some specially selected canine clips on a 52-inch plasma television, they can take advantage of their state of the art sound and entertainment system.
Carmen's Column / Ask Carmen a Question
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Collection of doggie couture including beautiful dog tutus and harness vests that are hand made in the USA, available exclusively here at Yuppy Puppy Boutique.
A small family owned breeder specific to First Generation Puggles.
They bring Scotland to your door. Shop where it's not just clothing, it's your heritage.
The Professor's House is full of articles that cover homes, relationships, pets, dog information, cooking, children and has an active family forum.
The Dog Lover's Online Directory. A large and resourceful directory with a personal touch.
Diva Dog is dedicated to creating stylish dog collars and accessories which are available at Yuppy Puppy Boutique.
More than a rock shop located in the Reed Opera House, Salem OR.
Outfit your four-legged friends in a new breed of disguises so wickedly playful, dogs (and cats) will beg to dress up.
Find local pet shops in the Portland, Oregon area.
Webstuff like gadgets, tools, searches for trends, and much more.
A nationwide Pet business directory concerning all pets.
iRazoo is the world's first Human Powered Search Engine.
A destination that lists popular tweets about discounts posted on Twitter.
#1 dog site for dogs & bipeds!
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