Eye Pack with EyePads & Eyemunity

Eye Pack with EyePads & Eyemunity

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In order to get rid of tearstains, wiping the eyes is only the first step. Unless you boost your best friendís immunity the bacteria that cause the stains will persist and so will the stains.

Happytails has created two new products that work together to fight the problem from the inside and out. The EyePack is an all natural dual-action program that treats and helps prevent tear stains on dogs. The program works both internally and externally and consists of two steps.

The "EyePad" is used to help remove tearing residue from around a dog's eyes, and is infused with herbs that help prevent the stains from returning.

The second step of the EyePack program, an immune boosting powder called "Eyemunity", that when sprinkled on dogs food daily helps to fight the bacteria that cause the tear stains. Eyemunity contains a nutrient rich, high-metabolite immunogen that helps to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness.

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