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Thank you for your interest in Yuppy Puppy, a Luxury Pet Boutique located in the capitol city of Salem, Oregon. In business since 2008, our mission is to provide you and your pet with a beautiful e-destination to come and explore the fascinating world of pet fashion and design.

We will continue to increase our vast array of superior products for you and your yuppy puppy...not only for your daily living but also for those dazzling "red carpet" moments. We are "Bling for You & Your Pet!"

At Yuppy Puppy Boutique, we specialize in canine beauty inside and out. From all the major fashion capitols of the world (Paris, Milan, Tokyo, New York to L.A.) Yuppy Puppy fetches the latest trends and brings them home to you. We also love to showcase local favorites. Yuppy Puppy is fast becoming the designer dog boutique to lead the pack!

Reward Your Most Sincere Admirer Frequently & Lavishly!

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