Eternal Bloom Glass Urn
Eternal Bloom Glass UrnEternal Bloom Glass Urn

Eternal Bloom Glass Urn

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The Eternal Bloom Flower is 12" in length with a green stem and your loved one's ashes encased in the flower petals. Select one of our jewel tone colors for the flower.

Additional fee applies for etching of up to 20 characters on the stem.

***If you have selected etching for your Eternal Bloom, please add the TEXT FOR ETCHING in the COMMENT BOX on your shipping/billing checkout page.

Handling a person's ashes is a huge responsibility. All of the cremains are handled separately; hand sifted and used individually in each piece of glass creating a permanent work of art. All of our tributes are handmade, in the USA and individually signed by the artist.

All of our work is custom made to your order; therefore please allow us sufficient working time to create your glass memorial, especially during the holiday season. On average allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

These beautiful selections come in a variety of jewel-tone colors as well as the option for 100% recycled glass which are specifically made in gorgeous green color.

After placing your order with Yuppy Puppy Boutique, you will receive a kit from the artist to send to the artist a small portion of the loved ones cremains. Handling ashes is a huge responsibility.

* This kit will contain a sterile jar labeled with a unique identifier that matches our invoice number.

* A small scoop so you can fill the jar with the cremains.

* A prepaid shipping envelope to provide the order and cremains to create your personal tribute

Once the artist receives your kit they process each order. Only one piece of glass is created at a time and the facility is cleaned thoroughly between orders.

After 8-10 weeks your order will be shipped and any unused cremains will be returned.

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