CocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet Treats
CocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet TreatsCocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet TreatsCocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet TreatsCocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet TreatsCocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet TreatsCocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet Treats

CocoTherapy Coconut Chips - Natural Pet Treats

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CocoTherapy Coconut Chips ...Island Love for your Pampered Pet!

A delicious treat for your dog or cat, CocoTherapy Coconut Chips are made from dehydrated, USDA organic coconut meat. The dried coconut flakes are made of pure, 100% organic coconut meat, with absolutely NO sugars, salt, preservatives, or chemicals added, and is 100% human-grade.

Our coconut chips are raw and dehydrated slowly at a low temperature, 98.6' F (37' C). This keeps the nutrients intact, resulting in a raw coconut that tastes fresh, has a wonderful texture, and contains all the rich nutrients found in fresh coconuts. Coconut chips offer the same dietary benefits as coconut oil, and are an excellent source of dietary fiber.

Use as treats or may be sprinkled in food.

CocoTherapy Coconut Chips are an excellent source of dietary fiber and provide the same benefits as coconut oil. All our pets absolutely love the rich, slightly nutty taste of the treats. Give a few treats throughout the day, or sprinkle in food.

Our coconut chips are the perfect, all natural alternative to all those yucky, over processed pet treats on the market that are made with artificial ingredients --- Plus they're totally delicious. We give our coconut chips to all our pets, including our birds and hamsters too!

By far, the best and richest natural sources of lauric acid are coconuts and coconut oil. One tablespoon of dried, shredded coconut contains about 2 grams of lauric acid. A tablespoon of pure virgin coconut oil contains 7 grams.

Nutritional Value: coconut meat, dried, not sweetened.

Add our CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as a gift set.

Are CocoTherapy Coconut Chips Different from Dehydrated Coconut Chips found in Health Food Stores?

We often receive questions on the differences between organic coconut flakes you can buy at health food stores and CocoTherapy Coconut Chips. While many of the benefits may be similar, CocoTherapy Coconut Chips are made specifically for maximum digestibility, while the traditional dehydrated coconut chips are not. What you see here may surprise you.

Dehydrated coconut meat is rich in nutrients and fiber; however it can be difficult to digest for most animals. We produce our CocoTherapy Coconut Chips in a special way to be highly digestible and easily assimilated in the body, while providing all the beneficial nutrients from medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). Unlike other dehydrated coconut chips or flakes available in your grocery aisles or even health food stores, CocoTherapy coconut chips break down easily and quickly with just water.

Proof is in the Chips

The digestive system of some animals can not tolerate the typical raw dehydrated coconut chips found in grocery stores. Feeding your pets typical dehydrated coconut chips may stress their digestive system and often times the undigested coconut chips are passed either in the animal's stool or vomit. However, our CocoTherapy Coconut Chips were uniquely developed to be easily digestible for animals.

To see how quickly CocoTherapy coconut chips break down, we took a leading dehydrated organic coconut chips brand (purchased from a popular health food store) and CocoTherapy Coconut Chips and placed them in a saucer of water.
From CocoTherapy... Our Favorite Method of Dispensing Coconut Oil: Simply place a tsp or so in the cupped palm of your hand and let the warmth of your hand melt the oil. Then let your pet lick the oil directly from your hand! Our pooches and kitties love it, and what a wonderful way to bond! Then rub any remaining oil on your own skin, and begin enjoying the benefits of soft, silky, skin! If your pet appears unusually tired, uncomfortable, or has diarrhea, reduce the amount temporarily. Detoxification symptoms may occur because coconut oil kills harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, and fungi. Headaches, fatigue, diarrhea, and flu-like symptoms are common in humans who consume too much too fast, and similar symptoms can occur in animals.

Coconut Oil Applied Topically: Massage into hot spots, dry, itchy, chafe skin, or cracked paws. Massage into hair or fur, great as a hair conditioner for you and your pets.

What exactly is in coconuts that make it so good for your pet? Coconut is comprised primarily of a medium chain fatty acid called Lauric acid and is considered responsible for many of its health benefits. The only other abundant source of Lauric acid found in nature is in human breast milk. When Lauric acid is synthesized by the human or animal body, it produces the same substance, monoglyceride monolaurin that keeps infants from getting viral, bacterial, or protozoal infections. Lauric acid, synthesized into monolaurin is used to fight and destroy viruses and various pathogenic bacteria, protecting your pets against infection and boosting his immune system. Coconut oil also contains capric and caprylic acid, which have similar properties and are best known for their antifungal effects. Like lauric acid, capric acid can also help balance insulin levels.

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