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WetNoz "Big Pooch" Stainless Steel Elevated Dog Bowl Booster

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WetNoz "Big Pooch" Stainless Steel Elevated Dog Bowl Booster. Beautiful lines. Sleek Design. Refined. Treat your pet treats like royalty!

This elevated feeder stand is made specifically for the Big Pooch Dog Bowl.

Stainless steel rings with an anodized aluminum upright stand along with anti-skid PVC ring sleeves redefine luxury. Pet accessories? These are pet necessities.

Hand Wash.

Inset photo of matching stainless steel items.
Stainless Steel Care Guide

Stainless steel is a low-carbon steel that contains at least 10% Chromium. The addition of Chromium gives the steel its unique corrosion-resisting properties. It is also considered the most hygienic surface for bowls and dishes. Most Wetnōz bowls contain 18% Chromium and 8-10% Nickel. Wetnōz uses stainless because it is extremely durable, resists corrosion and stands up to many chemicals.

Stainless steels are very resistant to rust; however, this does not mean that they are impervious to it. Stainless steel must be kept clean and free from contaminants. Frequent cleaning with mild soap and water and a cotton cloth is required. Sometimes stainless steel products will develop corrosion or discoloration due to environmental conditions. The following is a list of common conditions that cause corrosion or discoloration of stainless steel and should be avoided:

* Cleansers containing Chloride � this includes bleach and any cleaners containing bleach. * Concentrated soap residue � chemical additives will cause discoloration and some dried soaps actually look like rust. * Water with high Iron content � can leave a rusty residue, especially if allowed to stand for long periods of time. * Contact with Iron materials � including steel wool. * Salts � contain Chlorides

Any discoloration or corrosion should be removed as soon as possible or permanent discoloration and/or pitting of the surface could occur. Usually, the product can be restored to its original condition. Most discoloration can be removed with a mild cleanser (Ajax or Stainless Steel Cleaner) and a ScotchBrite pad. The surface should then be thoroughly rinsed with clear water. With proper maintenance, stainless steel should maintain its luster and appearance indefinitely.


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