Small Bone Rope Toys

Small Bone Rope Toys

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Our 5 inch rope toys are made from tied cotton thread. These fun toys also also have dental benefits. Our rope toys are meant to be played with, carried around, thrown, tugged, etc, but NOT chewed and swallowed. The strings that naturally form will help to floss the teeth when the dog carries it around and plays with it.

Bone toys come in assorted colors. You may make a color request in the comment box on your checkout page and we will do our best to match it, otherwise the next color will be selected.

It is not food, and not meant to be swallowed or injested. We feel it is a great, natural cotton, healthy toy if played with interactively. Dogs love interaction.

Eventually, the rope will unknot and become rope again, it is also fun for the dogs to undo the knots, like a puzzle!

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